Reviewed journal “Problems of ethnomusicology” takes articles, which were not published before, in accordance with the following requests:

  1. Size of an article – no more than 1 author’s sheet (40000 typographical units with gaps) including images, figures, notes and bibliography. Oversized articles could be taken as a particular case upon editorial staff decision.
  2. Articles must be typed in Word (doc or rtf), font – Times New Roman; font size – 12 or 14. First idented paragraph – 1,25 cm; at the end of a paragraph a key Enter must be used. No spaces between paragraphs.
  3. Quotation marks are used as « »; in quotations — “ ”.
  4. Font highlighting in a text must be in italics.
  5. References in text must be by the page with continuous numbering.
  6. Authors take care of graphic accompaniment of their articles themselves. Photos are to be sent as separate enclosure (tiff with definition no less than 300 dpi in monochrome, during scanning you must choose “grey base”); outlines must be sent in separate files.
  7. Sheet music illustrations are to be scored in Finale (measure – no more than 14 см), sent in separate enclosures in tiff with definition no less than 300 dpi with outline «Figure 1» etc. All the outlines for figures are to sent as a separate list.
  8. An article must contain Bibliography index in alphabetical order. References in text are to be arranged in square brackets with running number of a source and page (e.g. [1, 12]). Bibliographical entry must be found to conform ГОСТ 7.05—2008. If it is necessary a list of abbreviations can be attached to an article.
  9. An article must be attached: title, blurb (5-12 lines), list of keywords (no more than 10) in Russian and English; last, first and middle names of an author in Russian and English; credits in Russian and English: science degree, primary place of employment/study (full legal name of an employer, city), position held, email, phone number (only for editorial staff use).

Articles arranged without regard to above-mentioned conditions will not be taken for publishing.

In accordance with Russian Federation law authors delegate non-exclisive rights for manuscript publishing to the founder and publisher of the journal (The Gnessins Russian Academy of Music). Authors hold to security of their articles as origins which were not assigned to any organizations before for publishing or other usage. Authors respond for content of their articles and their publishing.

The main selection criterion of articles is their accordance with elevation of the journal, their timeliness, justification of researches offered for publishing as well as observance of scientific ethics.

All the articles published in the journal are to be reviewed externally and internally. External review is a must for post-graduates students and external candidates. Such researches must have a recommendation of a scientific advisor or any expert of a given academic field (master of sciences or doctor of science) certified by signature and seal of organization (printout and electronic version). Such review must contain: last, first and middle names of an author of the review, his science degree, primary place of employment (full legal name of an employer, city), position held, email, phone number.

Articles are also reviewed be the editorial staff or external experts. If review is negative, an author receives rejection reasons. Editorial staff reserves the right to pot articles, edit them and sent to authors for improvement.

Authors are not raised insertion fee. Articles are published royalty free.